Buying Bitcoin from Coinbase

Step 1:

Sign into Coinbase.

A SMS verification code will be sent to your mobile device, Coinbase requires a 2Factor login every time unless you check the “Don’t ask me for the code again for 30 days when I use this computer.” box.

Step 2:

Click “Buy/Sell” located at the top left-hand corner of the dashboard.

Step 3:

Select Bitcoin and enter the desired amount to purchase in the bottom left of the page. You can select the amount of money USD you would like to spend in the left column or how much Bitcoin BTC  to purchase in the right column and the price will adjust.

 A transaction summary or total amount to be paid, including payment method, time available, Coinbase transaction fee is displayed at the bottom.

Note: see fee details under chart for explanation

Step 4:

Double-check that the purchase amount and mode of payment are correct, and click “Confirm Buy”.

Step 5:

Confirm that the transaction was completed.

Once redirected back to the dashboard, your new balance should be reflected under “Your Portfolio”.

You have now bought your own BTC from Coinbase!