Guardian Gym and $PAC Communities Working Together

The Guardian Project provides youth with the tools they need to build a better future through the transformative power of martial arts, scholastic mentorship, nutritional education and community building. We believe that preparing our students for the real world goes beyond the mats. The skillsets and concepts needed to succeed tomorrow should be taught today.

One of the most important tools in today’s society is financial education. And in the world of finance, there’s no more exciting and rapidly evolving development than the application of blockchain technology and crypto currency. That’s why we are excited to partner with $PAC – People’s Alternative Choice as the exclusive Alt Coin and ongoing donor to our program.

As the integration of $PAC + Guardian Gym evolves, this section will be a place to see and track our progress and community. Guardian Gym is integrating $PAC into our program in several ways today and tomorrow:

  1. Memberships and donations can now be paid in $PAC as well as USD. 
  2. Apparel, gear and Guardian tournament entries can all be paid in $PAC. 
  3. $PAC Student Rewards – Starting soon, our students will earn $PAC for their attendance, tutoring, cleaning, volunteering and more. $PAC can be redeemed for apparel and more.

“As co-founders of The Guardian Project with deep roots in the tech world, we set out to build a program that helps give kids in needs a head start in life and prepares them for the fast moving changes in society and future landscape. Working with the generous donations and the passionate community of $PAC, not only can we fund more students for our after school martial arts program, we are giving them an education in Crypto, finance and lessons in earning, saving and investing.”

— Joel Lunenfeld, Co-Founder Guardian
  $PAC to $USD values subject to change based on price fluctuation

$PAC to $USD values subject to change based on price fluctuation


$PAC + Guardian Progress Report 

  • 1,100,000 $PAC(currently  $2,700 USD)  in August (8/20)
  • Opened 40 student $PAC Wallets
  • Paid for 12 Student Memberships x $100 =  $1,200
  • Developed $PAC Leaderboard = $1,000
  • 1 55” TV and backend for Display $500
  • $PAC for Student rewards $200

$PAC + Guardian Press Efforts 

  • $PAC press release 9/7/18
  • Guardian press release and efforts beginning w/o 9/10/18
  • Speaking Event in San Francisco – Mixpanel Tech 4 Good on 10/25/18 – Joel Lunenfeld

    Details to follow

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