How to update your PacCoin masternode with shell script on a VPS to the latest verion (only for Cold wallet setup)

1) Login to your VPS the same way you set your masternode originally.(putty/terminal)

2) Execute the following commands on the command line:

Write: wget (Press Enter)
Write: chmod +x (Press Enter)
Write: ./  (Press Enter)
Follow the instructions: 1) Do you want to autobackup wallet.dat and continue with the process? [y/n]: Type y to backup and continue or no to stop process.
Press enter and update will complete.

Or run this single line to execute the previous commands in one go:
wget && chmod +x && ./

3) Get the new wallet update by following the below instructions(Instructions to wallet update).
Important: Make a backup of your current wallet, just in case.
Go to File Backup Wallet save in a secure location ie encrypted usb stick
or go to your main Pac core folder and copy and paste the wallet.dat

Download latest wallet from
Extract and run PAC-v0.12.3.0-win64.exe make sure to overwrite existing paccoin-qt.exe if prompted.

Choose your Computer system here –
Install the wallet.

4) Start Masternode again.
Open your new wallet and under the masternode tab choose your MN and click start alias.

For Linux Command Line
Run this command: ./pac/paccoin-cli masternode start-alias MNxx

5) To check that your masternode is successfully started – run this command from your VPS terminal/putty:

~/paccoin-cli masternode status

It should say if the masternode is successfully started and under your masternode section check that it says Protocol 70213

6)To make sure you’re running the right wallet open the wallet and click on “Paccoin Core” and click on “About $PAC Core“.  The wallet version should say $PAC Core version v0.12.3.0

7. Delete your old $PAC Core SHORTCUT, otherwise, you may  load up the old $PAC Core wallet if you didn’t delete overwrite old executable.