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Today, the 20th of November, the “HTMLCOIN will be swapping to the new HTMLCOIN blockchain platform. The symbol will change from “HTML5” to “HTML”

The new platform brings the project up to date with a full feature modern blockchain:

Details on the new platform and project are included in our whitepaper at

These are the added and enhanced Roadmap Features of the Platform include:
1. Uses both the Bitcoin core (0.14) and Ether Client (CPP) codebase allowing Ether Virtual Machines to run on the more secure/stable Bitcoin UTXO model
2. QTUM compatibility layer which allows smart contracts, multiple tokens, and EVM to run on UTXO, as well as easy porting of existing Ethereum and Solidity Smart Contracts
3. Proof Of Work (POW 1%) and Blackcoin’s Proof Of Stake 3.0 (POS 1%) to ensure efficiency and security
4. Enhanced Hash Rate Compensation adjusts every 120 blocks with short, medium, and long block time samples make fairer and faster 60s blocktimes.
5. Oracles built on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine allow off-chain settlement of Smart Contracts with authorized data feeds like weather or stock prices
6. Real Time Checkpointing protects the history of the chain from being changed by 51% attacks by broadcasting block height and hash of the main chain.
7. Simple Payment Verification SPV allows Android or iOS mobile wallet to authenticate a transaction or Smart Contract without downloading the entire blockchain (planned q1 2018)

HTMLCOIN is a community-driven project to deliver a high feature smart contract/EVM/DAPP compatible platform which will be used to bring meaningful and broad adoption of blockchain technologies. Through our global community of 20,000+ members, we plan on providing people with the tools, support, and resources to make this happen. Htmlcoin is about empowering people and creating opportunities. Ultimately, we envision a “humanized” blockchain rather than something only accessible to a technological elite

Swap updates
If your holdings are on exchanges (Yobit, Bleutrade, Coingather), swap from HTML5 to HTML will be automatic. If your holdings are in a local wallet you can swap with the self-swapping webform available later on 20th November. Don’t panic, self swapping at 1:1 will be available for 60 days before the ratio reduces to 2:1 (days 61-90) and 3:1 (days 91-105), the swap offer closes on day 105. The new QT Wallet will be made available from the HTMLCOIN GIT repository on 20th November prior to the swap completes.

The HTMLCOIN project is building a new blockchain as a utility for the coins/tokens on it, which are a store of value and a medium of exchange, the value of the coins is something dictated by the markets and not the Foundation. Put simply, all the coins are out there and have been mined/forged/minted, and you are selling them to each other for what you think they are worth.

The HTMLCOIN Foundation strived in getting the best technology in place to secure the future of the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and gain broad adoption of secure distributed ledger technology. No one from the Foundation will discuss the value of HTMLCOIN or encourage its purchase on exchanges. Any comments that may be construed this way are private views and not those of the Foundation.

Information Releases:
For the next few weeks, we expect misleading information and spoofing. The only authoritative source of information are the HTML Foundation social feeds, websites and GITHUB. If in doubt, confirm with at least two officers of the Foundation at

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