Bit-Z Community VOTE CHALLENGE referral LINK

$PAC has been deemed an A-level project by Bit-Z a top Chinese exchange. As a result $PAC WILL BE LISTED if we hit 20,000 votes. Bit-Z has an average daily trade volume of $200 million. To put that into perspective – Cryptopia’s 24 hour trade volume is $15 million. This could be the largest volume exchange PACcoin maybe listed on. IF our community can band together and get us there!

How do we get $PAC listed?

For our coin to get listed on Bit-Z we must prove that it has a strong enough following to deem the coin a worthwhile addition to their exchange. Starting today March 5th to the 12th Bit-Z will is a 7 day voting challenge for us. We must reach a target of 1 million VTC (Vote coins) within this 7 day period. You will need to sign up to their exchange and MUST COMPLETE ‘2 factor authentication’ using the referral code for $PAC

This rewards you automatically with 50 VTC. You can then spend those 50 VTC voting for $PAC to be listed. If 20,000 people spend their FREE, 50 VTC to vote for $PAC then we will hit this 1 million VTC goal. If you wish to, you can purchase more VTC to vote any number of times. Once the voting period is FINISHED, you get ALL of your VTC coins returned to you IF WE DO NOT HIT THE TARGET, so there’s nothing to loose by voting for $PAC and everything to gain. It is simply used as a measuring system to determine if the $PAC community is as strong as we say we are. THE 7 DAY VOTE HAS  STARTED!

The referral LINK to sign up to the Bit-Z platform is NOW LIVE.

Vote here:

YOU MUST CLICK THE LINK ABOVE, REGISTER AND ENABLE 2FA TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE 50 VTC Do not just use the code, you must physically click the link.

The head of the PAC_HelpDesk just completed the process as a test and he was credited with his free coins within 10 minutes. Please ask any questions to him.

PACcoin team will be releasing an explainer video on how to register and how to vote for $PAC Monday.

IN ORDER TO VOTE YOU MUST BE LEVEL 3 AUTHENTICATED – THIS REQUIRES SUBMITTING A FORM OF ID This process for me took 24 hours, so register and sign up NOW so your account can be live in time for the vote to start Monday.

Remember, you can purchase an additional 150 VTC for $4 from their store.

You will be rewarded with FREE $PAC just for voting! The rewards will go out if we hit the target within 48 hours of the vote ending.

You can vote from as many accounts as you like, provided each of those accounts are tied to a different form of ID. e.g friends, family.

Getting on Bit-Z will be HUGE for $PAC. It is a major gateway to many other major exchanges. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to vote for us and get us listed!!

Vote here:


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