Welcome all to our guide first AltCoin Guide.

The Altcoin we will be discussing today is PacCoin (pac). In its early days pac started out as your average cryptocoin project with big dreams and no follow through. As of late a new development team has taken over the project and as a result the project is booming in the right direction.


The current market value of  Pac  is $9.1e-7 USD which equals 0.00000090 , which is 9 millionths of a cent.  The basic idea in any market is to buy low and sell high. When we purchased PAC it was worth $4.0e-7 USD nearly doubling its value. The dev team at Pac has a serious plan. Their charts indicate interest and the coin in moving up steadily. The risk is also very very minimal.  For approximately $10.00 USD you could be the proud owner of 10,000,000 pac. Which is great.  On March 1st 2018. PAC will off a coin redemption program in which you will trade in your old coin for there new coin with new advancements at a rate of 1000 to 1. This also reduces the extremely high total supply from  3 trillion to 3 billion of coins available. Your 10,000,000 will become 10,000 in a stronger market tradeable against Bitcoin.


If your in the United States this can become a little tricky but don’t worry we will take this one step at a time.  To purchase PAC or any cryptocurrency an exchange is used. New regulations have made it increasingly difficult to add currency to most exchanges. Luckily San Francisco based Coin Base allows to purchase Bitcoin Ethereum or Litecoin for this guide we will purchase Bitcoin. To purchase Bitcoin register an account at Coin Base . Follow our indepth guide to sign up on with CoinBase.

Transfer your bitcoin to an exchange, for this guide we will be using Yobit. Click here to register a Yobit account.

Go to wallets link on the Yobit dashboard.

Where you see BTC click the + under the deposits column.


A window will popup with your deposit address for online Yobit Wallet. Select your address, copy it.


Login to your Coinbase account.

Select accounts

click send on BTC wallet.

Once amount is in confirmed in your Yobit wallet you can make your first trade.

The first Trade should be exchanging BTC to USD. Why? The smallest amount of a single Bitcoin is worth thousands times more than a one dollar bill.  Approximately $18,000 to 1.

Select Market in YoBit dashboard.

In the Market search bar type btc/usd

Select BTC/USD

Now you are at the trading screen For BTC/USD

To sell your BTC enter the amount you wish to sell in the amount box. If you click the blue balance in the sell column your full balance will be listed in the Amount field. The Price lists the current price that BTC is selling for. You can adjust the price to sell at any set price. For example if you want to set a $20,000 price point which is over the market value of $18733.10 (example pic) your btc coin or purchase will only be able to sell once the market reaches 20,000 or someone wants to buy the a mount you have listed.
Below are the Buy Orders which is the current price someone is willing to pay for btc at that moment. If you click on any buy order price and order will adjust and you will beable to see how much BTC a trader is willing to buy and at what price point.

After selling you will see a completed order and your USD balance will reflect your Total-Fee amount. The fee for trading BTC to USD is 0.2%.

Now we can begin to purchase PacCoin.

go to the Market Link.

Type PAC into Search Box. Select PAC/USD Market.

At the top of the Trade screen the trade market is listed PAC/USD , Last 0.00000122 is the last selling price for an individual coin, 24High: 0.00000122 is the highest price a single PacCoin has sold in the last 24 hours. and 24Low: 0.00000080 is the lowest price a single PacCoin has sold for in 24 Hours. The graph is call a Candlestick Chart, it displays changes in the market during a specified time.

Now its time to concentrate on the Buy column. In the row below we have a list of Sell Order’s, the current Price a trader is will to sell a PacCoin. You have the listed price, Amount of PacCoin at the listed price and then the total of what it will it will cost for that full amount of PaCcoin. When you click on a sell order, the order will move to the Buy window displaying the amount plus the fee for the transaction.

When you are ready click the buy order and you will have purchased your first PacCoin.  Now what to do with it? Well, your safest bet is to transfer your PacCoins to a wallet off the exchange to secure your coins. And to Stake your coins. Click here to learn how to transfer to a secure wallet and Stake your PacCoins.

Things to consider.

Q: What if I feel the price is to high and may drop?

A: You can Create a Buy Order by listing a lower price then the market is currently and if the market dips another trader may fulfill  your order. It is possible your order may never be fill and to free your funds you will have to cancel the order in the Trade History column or in the orders tap on the top menu.

Q: I want to buy more Coins but they aren’t all available at the price I just purchased at or want?
A: Create Buy Order or check different Market such as PAC/DOGE. To trade in the PAC/DOGE Market you will have to trade BTC or USD for Dodge.