Interview with Saitama Inu Developer

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Can you explain the main purpose of the Saitama Inu project to our readers who might not be familiar? 

The main purpose is to provide a safe trading environment for crypto investors of all demographics and knowledge levels.

Our edutainment platform will help educate all investors on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and how to invest smartly. Our saita wallet will act as a one stop digital trading tool similar to metamask but with enhanced capabilities and available tools. It will revolutionize how trading is done and have all the tools you need on a single platform. 

What about Saitama Inu makes it a unique project in the crypto space?

All of the developers are fully doxxed, completely transparent, we hold live AMA’s weekly and have done live stream AMA’s on YouTube on several occasions. 

Aside from our transparency, the use case we are providing will separate us from any other coin on the current market. 

We are not just a hyped up meme coin but actually generating and can potentially alter how crypto is utilized on a long term scale. 

Can you go into detail about the current development roadmap on how you and the team and looking to accomplish each of these projects? 

The saita wallet will be ready for beta testing in the next 4-6 weeks if everything goes as planned. Once it’s tested we will of course need a full scale certik audit completed before any money is exchanged, deposited or withdrawn. 

Security is our utmost highest priority so no shortcuts will be taken. Once the audit and beta testing is completed we will be ready to launch saitawallet V1. We are on track to complete this at the end of Q3

The NFT marketplace, trade ability, QR code etc will all be part of the wallet and easy to navigate from one to the other.  

After the original founder left the project, how did you and the dev team come together and push this project forward while also building up the Saitama Inu community?

After the project was renounced, the current dev team stepped up from the role of investors to developers.

We all have an extensive background in different areas and combined our efforts to make a super team. Our passion to create a unique project is what has driven the success thus far. Investors are always looking for legitimate, safe projects to invest in and we wanted to provide that for them. 

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