Interview with ADABoy developer

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Contract Address: 0x1e653794a6849bc8a78be50c4d48981afad6359d

Can you explain the main purpose of the ADABoy project to our readers who might not be familiar?

The main purpose is to provide our holders with a safe and profitable investment. Lucky for us, that means having a lot of fun. Our community basically gets paid to party. 

Can you go into detail about the current development roadmap of the reflection dashboard and an ability to stake ADABoy? How you and the team and looking to accomplish each of these projects? 

The reflections dashboard is coming along smoothly. It will be a beautiful blend of our blockchain contract and dapp ready website. Staking will come next. Who doesn’t want their passive income to earn passive income?

The details of this include connecting wallets to the website. The site is secured as a https and the reflections dashboard, being read only, will be a good first step. Staking will overlap with something that rhymes with stop.

How will each of these projects tie into the main ADABoy mission? 

As stated, the overarching themes of ADABoy are security, profitability, and fun. The contract seems to have a sort of perpetual volume machine built into it. If the ADABoy price gets too high, we ride the volume down to a price that motivates support buys then, soon enough, another pump. To compliment this self driving volume machine, we wish to have as many uses for ADABoy as possible. After delivering on our promises to make buying and managing ADABoy and ADA as easy as possible, we seek to find additional more FUN ways to use ADABoy. Hint hint.

We see you have an audit completed. What points would you like to call out to reassure investors about this project?

The biggest questions are probably about liquidity being locked and the reflections. The liquidity lock was provided by paying dxsale for 60 days and will be renewed. Issues with reflections are low quantities of ADABoy or a misunderstanding of how to view the reflections. The dashboard and higher volumes should alleviate much of this. We understand honest questions can come off as fud and have an “Answers to Fud,” paper in our telegram. 

Is there anything else you’d like our readers and other crypto investors to know about ADABoy?

ADABoy marketing is top notch and will only get better as ADABoy grows. We’ve been featured on Telegram in MadJoe’s MadLab and DefiApes. We’ve been promoted by Zach Boychuk, Fabri Lemus, and Ralvero to name a few. Poocoin ads went up early on and haven’t stopped. We also have ads on CoinSniper and CoinScope and are looking at more ads on more listing services. We have paid shillers and some pretty hard core in-house guerilla marketers.

Also, the ADABoy Chinese community is growing. They are a great addition to our mostly US and European dev team.


We were really intrigued by ADABoy’s reflection model and wondered how much reflections you get compared to Kraken staking. Below is an info graphic of the results. We also followed up with Johan to ask some questions about the results. 

Were you as surprised by our experiment results as we were?  

Yes we were very surprised actually, we thought it was a mismatch staking $4000 worth of ADA to just $80 of ADABoy, and thinking that our volume wasn’t as high compared to our initial weeks. But despite of the odds, we still managed to get more ADA so it was something really interesting.

How do these results speak to your vision for ADABoy?

Definitely it speaks volume, we love Cardano (ADA) and getting more ADA without really doing anything is a usecase in itself. We do, however, have other exciting plans ahead to increase our volume as well as provide real-life use for our investors and the crypto community alike.

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