Interview with Ethermore Dev

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How did the birth of the Ethermore idea come together?  

As a creative outlet during the pandemic during the year. It was a great excuse to hands-on learn more about blockchain technology, what NFTs can achieve and to have some fun.

Specifically, how did your team come up with this innovative concept of gameplay and usability? 

Originally, we just wanted to have NFTs though could be used for peoples DnD characters. Then we wanted to explore what we could do with them outside of this with the functionality. Then I started learning about DAOs and really wanted to explore this. It really has just been a way for us to explore what what we can do with web3 people and tech and will continue to be so.

Ethermore NFTs have a moral compass attached to them. How does that affect the users gameplay experience?

Having the players choices as the character change the metadata associated with their moral compass allows the player to form a bond with their character as they emerge. Their decisions have consequences on them (like IRL) and as a result a character emerges in the theatre of the mind. Its a pretty powerful relationship

We love seeing you pull in users to allow them to help write stories and quests for Ethermore. How do you imagine using DAO for new quest creation will work?

We imagine the DAO framework will support community-driven initiatives narratively and for decision making on bigger, world-changing decisions.  It will allow the community to feel they are calling the shots in the wider world of Ethermore.

We love the pixel art and minting process you came up with. How did you approach the creation of these NFTs from species, realms and unique items ?

It is high fantasy, we wanted the world to be full of a diverse set of characters. But we especially put the effort in to make sure the characters were very diverse and some very gender agnostic. You can look at a lot of them and they can be whatever type of hero you like. 

What do you contribute your recent explosion in adoption and success, with some characters now going for 4.5ETH?

It really came out of nowhere. We made a decision to do zero paid marketing or shilling. Only people who really liked the art/took the time to learn the concept minted and we were just sitting there for almost 4 months. Then all of a sudden a huge wave of people snapped up the last 1/3 of the characters. We were burning more eth in transaction gas than any contract other than uniswap for a few minutes, more than axie and metamask and opensea! People are weird, they had the chance for months! but we are glad we minted out, we were at times worried we wouldn’t get there.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Ethermore?

It’s a work in progress on purpose. A lot of people come to the community and expect a full blown triple A RPG. This is not what Ethermore is. It is designed to be slowly build with the community. Imagine playing something you had a part in building. For example even naming a mountain or city, you named that! that was you! that is the power. Not just walking in. We are also not play to earn. The base asset is a collectable NFT. That is where the relationship to money ends for now. We are building the culture and narrative on top. That is where the value is, and the fun to be honest. Just getting creative together.

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