Interview with JedStar Developer

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How did the JedStar team come together and create the concept for the JedStar universe?

As gaming, sci-fi, and crypto fans, there was a gap that we felt needed to be filled. And with the introduction of blockchain and NFT in gaming, we saw a real opportunity to transform both the gaming and NFT industry by introducing playable NFTs and Gamefi.

How far along is the P2E game and can you describe a little of the story / campaign that it will follow?

We have two games in the pipeline. A virtual card game similar to Hearthstone and an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). For the first game, we have finalized the game mechanics. The next step is getting artists onboard. For the MMORPG, we plan to blur the boundaries between the real world and the cryptoverse. We are still finalizing the core story and lore.

With NFTs being given to the original 1000 holders with over 1000 tokens, how do you expect NFTs to play a part the JedStar universe?

NFTs will play an absolutely central role in the JEDSTAR cryptoverse — first and foremost through the stunning art that will fill the NFT marketplace, but also through all of JEDSTAR’s games. For instance, all cards in the card game will be NFTs.

We saw you already launched a small forever runner / space shooter, how does that play into P2E story of $JED?

This may or may not tie into the story of JEDSTAR. It was simply released to show the community that we enjoy making games — but this is not even a test of our true ability by any stretch.

What are some major milestones you’re looking forward to help propel JedStar Universe forward?

NFT marketplace

Digital Collectible Card Game

Play-to-earn MMORPG

 Are you able to talk about any collaborations / companies you’re reaching out to that will help Jed grow?

This is under wraps at present.

$Jed introduced some new tokenomics we haven’t seen before in your contract that helps dissuade whales from dumping. What tokenomics would you think are good to highlight about $JED?

Whales will be deterred from selling due to taxes from all sales. Indeed, the more they sell, the more they are taxed!

We see you passed an audit and that there wasn’t much mention of it on your channels. How was the audit process and what is the team’s strategy to help battle FUD as you grow forward?

We are unique in the cryptocurrency world as we prefer to do rather than simply speak. If you notice, many projects like to hype up absolutely anything they are about to release — including mundane things like upcoming website listings and audits. We pride ourselves in actually showing people that we’re doing things, and therefore haven’t done much in the way of trying to create false hype. This is why we did not seem to say much even when we have passed an audit.

Is there anything else that you’d like our readers / potential new investors to know?

As we’re doers rather than sayers, what we ask from our investors, is to look at what we’ve achieved in less than a month and decide for themselves whether we’re worth investing in or not. We want investors who trust that we will do a good job, not just investors who want to hear certain things that reassure them. We do not believe in hype or making early unnecessary announcements. Talk is cheap.

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