Cleaner Earth Interview

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Q: Can you tell us the main mission of the Cleaner Earth Project?

To build a community of people who feel as strongly about the environment as we do, and together make a real difference by cleaning up the Earth together.

Q: What drove you to create Cleaner Earth Project?

One of my coworkers runs the shiba_coin Twitter and was approached by Don Tello about promoting ELIT. He loved the project that Don had created and so did I. He agreed to do the promotion in exchange for tokens and we both bought some ourselves.

We got in early and watched it grow quickly, then we saw it slowly start to die. We had fallen in love with the idea that Don Tello had started, and felt that more projects like that needed to exist.

We’ve been seeing first hand the effects that climate change has had on the environment, and the filth that we have been littering this planet with. This inspired us to try and make our own difference on this planet through crypto. 

Q: Who are you and how you got into the crypto space?

My name is Thomas and I’m the one that got everyone together to make this happen. I work in the solar industry in the United States, and am passionate about the environment. I first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 and have been in love with crypto ever since. Though I’ve traded crypto for a long time, this is the first time I’ve been involved in the creation of a token. 

Q: What are the tokenomics of this project? (links to wallets in etherscan below)

We did not start this project to make personal profits so we didn’t keep any tokens for ourselves at launch.

85% was locked in Uniswap LP

10% of supply is saved to be used for charity

We kept 5% of the initial tokens as our marketing wallet.

We’ve already used some to pay for promotions, to get us a professional website started, and to have a professional white paper written, and to have professional logos made.

This is not a short term project for us, and we are taking every step to make sure that the future of the project is set up correctly. 

Q: How do you plan on growing this project?

A close friend of mine in Washington DC is a lead analyst for a company that writes programs for the US A close friend of mine in Washington DC is a lead analyst for a company that writes programs for the US Government and the US military.

I reached out to her to help us with the code, and to make us a coming soon page for our website ( to help us get our foot in the door. We launched our project very early and have primarily focused on marketing through our Twitter @cleanertoken and pushing people into our telegram group ( where they can join the community and not just be a silent holder.

We have a full website that is launching in the coming days, and we are working hard on our white paper, aiming for a similar timeline. We want to make sure that we don’t rush the white paper, and make it as in depth as possible.

We have been talking to multiple auditors who have agreed to do in-depth audits as soon as our white paper is published. We have also been talking with very influential members of the crypto community who are awaiting these audits. They love the project and have agreed to get us in front of millions of crypto investors as soon as we pass these audits and have a white paper published.

We’re very excited about the future of this project, and what we’ll be able to accomplish together.

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